Montréal, Canada

RUBBERBAND was founded by Victor Quijada in 2002. In its 17 years of existence, the choreographer and the company have won more than a dozen prestigious awards. Victor Quijada eloquently reimagines and deconstructs choreographic principles to integrate them into the Hip-Hop ideology of his beginnings, examining humanity through a unique fusion of different aesthetic approaches.

Crossing boundaries between classical ballet and hip hop, Victor Quijada’s theatrical choreography reflects the freedom and openness of the Montreal dance scene and exemplifies the highly athletic RUBBERBANDance Group.
— Vernon Morning Star. 2019

current works

Ever So Slightly (2018)- Trailer

Vic's Mix (2016) - Trailer

City Thread (2017) - Trailer

Trenzado (2021) - Trailer


RUBBERBAND Method -Trailer