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Shay Kuebler- Radical System Art

Vancouver, Canada

Shay Kuebler and his company Radical System Art look to create dynamic and unique physical performance projects through the fusion of dance, theatre, martial arts and new technologies. The company has performed across Canada including The National Arts Centre of Canada. Internationally they’ve performed for CanaDanse Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel; The Incolballet Festival in Cali, Colombia; Whitebird in Portland, USA; and across Germany.

... a vocabulary that melds the flow of contemporary dance, the physicality of hip-hop, and the tension and release of martial arts.
— Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, Canada
...cleverly imaginative as it is physically pummelling.
— Georgia Straight, Vancouver, BC, Canada

current works

Epilogos (2019) - Trailer

Feasting on Famine (2017) -Trailer

Telemetry (2017) - Trailer