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Vanessa Goodman - Action at a Distance

Vancouver, Canada

Action at a Distance is under the artistic direction of choreographer Vanessa Goodman. The company is attracted to art that has a weight and meaning beyond the purely aesthetic and uses choreography as an opportunity to explore social, environmental and biological themes in a highly physical manner.

…] local dance star Vanessa Goodman reaffirmed not only her unique gift for conjuring strange new worlds out of theatre spaces, but also her ability to hold a room’s attention. Audience members walking into the space felt a bit like they were entering a sci-fi nightmare, with its floor-set pinkish-red light, rising fog, and a dance floor angled to exaggerate perspective.
[...] the magnetic Goodman moving fluidly between the real and the unreal. She often looks alien, encased in plastic hoods and raincoats writhing, bending broken, and sometimes moving mechanically to Loscil’s industrial-electronic soundscape.
— Janet Smith, The Georgia Straight

Current Works:

The Other Half (2019) -new work with Belinda McGuire

In Fiction (2019) - Trailer

Never Still (2018) - Trailer

Wells Hill (2017) - Trailer

Container (2016) - Trailer

Upcoming Works:

Graveyards and Gardens -new work with Caroline Shaw (2021) - previous collaboration trailer